Welcome to our Africa blog

We hope all our families and friends will log in from time to time to see how we're getting on - and just to touch base. We all know we shall miss everyone and this is one of the ways we hope to keep in touch. And, of course, we shall be logging on to Skype and emailing whenever we get the chance. This is a massive adventure for us all with a shed load of planning , but once you've fallen for Africa you just have to see more. So here we go!

About Us

Just in case someone didn't know, here is some background to our adventure.

This is us. Left to right: Margaret, Garrie, Chris and Diana. This is us in France where we hatched a plot to have an African Adventure.

There was a two year gap that saw Garrie and Margaret doing a round the world trip plus various African trips and Diana and Chris going to Africa and Australia. So, in summary we've done quite a bit of travelling between us over the years BUT we've never been round Africa camping ...... CAMPING!
Interestingly we're all of the view that spending time with friends is fab but .... remember the old saying? And two of us (at least) don't like camping.

We're not scared! 

The name of our blog holds a small story.
It started years ago in Knynsa, South Africa, where we all spent a week's holiday together.

Garrie and Margaret had been to Africa before and they had on that occasion arrived in Knysna from Tanzania, where they had done a stint volunteering. Little did they know then that that first volunteering session would lead them on to create their own charity, Helping Africa 100. www.helpingafrica100.org

Chris and Diana were on their first visit to anywhere in Africa and had just spent time in the Kruger and other South African hotspots. So.......

We all sat there in Knysna, glasses of superb white wine in hands, and with 'dead pleased' looks on all our faces - read here a kind of 'kids with new toys delight' - declared, "Well, look at us!" and so it has been ever since. Look at us! ...... in the sunshine, in the rain, eating dinner, sipping champagne,  drinking coffee .... it's all 'Look at Us!'

Perhaps the only thing that distinguishes us slightly from most other travellers in Africa - and there are many, whom we hope to meet en route - is that we are all Grown Up. (A euphemism? You decide.)


  1. Hi Margaret, Garrie, Chris and Diana!
    I found your blog via the Africa Overland Network. It has been very useful reading some of your stories and good to see your feedback on the camping sites.

    My boyfriend Chris and I are planning on a 3 month trip (camping aswell)to Africa visiting Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique.

    We are in doubt if we should hire a car or buy and sell it upon leaving. I noticed that you have chosen to rent your cars for the 6 month trip that you are doing. It would be great to hear from you what made you decide to rent.

    Also, is there a difference between the availability of types of fuel, diesel or petrol that we should know?

    Thanks for making this blog, it helps us preparing!

    All the best, Vera

    1. Hi Vera,

      Funny to find your message - my husband and I are doing the same trip starting late June! We've been following Garrie, Margaret, Chris and Diana as well and agree that watching their trip has been so helpful!

      We've actually decided to rent from Bushlore as well due to this group's recommendation.

      Thanks to M, G, C & D for putting the effort into this blog. It's been so fun to watch you as you travel through the countries.

      Vera, feel free to reach out to me for planning help - my email is juliasarver@gmail.com. It would be great to know if you're going to be traveling the route around the same time we are - maybe we could meet up and compare notes.

      Thanks again for your great posts and photos!


  2. Dear Vera
    Very pleased you are noting our blog, and that ou are finding it useful in planning your trip. We checked loads of blogs in our planning process.
    We looked into buying and selling and there were any number of vehicles available for re-sale from others who were completing their overland trips. The overriding factor for us, however, was that none of us is particularly adept as a mechanic. The other factor was the element of doubt in being able to resell. Renting the vehicle gives us good back up and we felt confident that the vehicles were in good running order as we set off. Thus far we've had no problems of any significance, and the minor queries we've had. ... eg. chipped windscreen, fridge not charging properly, brake pads dirty ... have been easily resolved and if we need it, the rental company is just a phone call away. Not that they would be able to help in some of the places we've been, but the Landcruisers have been up to the job. So no complaints so far.
    I believe, but not sure, that they offer 24hr back up in all the countries you plan to visit. But you two are probably far bolder and competent that's us!
    We are heading for Zambia in about a week, then Namibia so we will keep the camp info updated.
    Hope your trip planning goes well, if you need any more info just let us know. You will just love it all, wherever you go and whatever you do! This has been one of the very best things we have done. Have a blast!

    Best wishes
    Diana et al